Payroll & HR Administration

Employee Solutions division of Lightning Transportation Services will handle your entire Payroll and Benefit administration. We simply become the W-2 employer and take over all administrative duties related to payroll, tax reporting, worker compensation and health benefits.
Simplify your payroll.
From the moment an individual joins a company's workforce, an employer′s obligation to record and track time, maintain accurate payroll records and file mandated work-related reports begin. For example, such forms as W-3, W-2, 1099, and 941 must be prepared, state unemployment tax payments must be made, and federal payroll taxes have to be deposited. We perform these tasks for you. Your employees will not know the difference, but you definitely will.
With Employee Solutions, your HR administration has never been easier and your costs and risks significantly decrease
Let us handle the headache.
Finding and keeping qualified employees can be critical to the stability and growth of any business. From the all important interview process to training and periodic performance evaluations, an employer must have the right tools and be confident they are being used correctly. The professionals at Employee Solutions provide those valuable tools and services. We screen your applicants and deliver orientation and training. Once an employee is hired, then the real work begins…

  • Personnel records must be kept
  • Tax forms have to be issued
  • Government reporting requirements must be completed
  • Disciplinary matters must be handled sensitively
  • Communications within the work environment must be clear
  • Employee Solutions has the proven tools and expertise to supply employees who have the experience, personalities, work ethic, qualifications to easily integrate into your particular work environment.