Welcome to Lightning Transportation Services and our family of companies. Lightning is a full service company that can handle everything involved with your HR administration to moving a shipment. We take the headache away allowing you to focus on what you do best. Our services are designed to make your company more efficient, leaner, and most importantly lower your costs. Our diverse staff and experience in the transportation industry allow us to offer the following services:
  • Class A CDL Driver Leasing

  • Van and Flatbed Truckload Carrier programs

  • Freight Brokerage

  • Carrier Fuel Program

  • Employee Leasing and Payroll Administration

  • Welcome to Transportation Class 101

    We’ll give you the answers to this week’s quiz
    1. What’s the most important asset to a trucking company? Answer: Drivers
    2. What’s the most time consuming task for a trucking company? Answer: Hiring and Retaining Drivers
    3. What are the 3 most expensive costs for any trucking company? Answer: Fuel, Payroll, Equipment
    4. What’s every trucking company’s goal? Answer: Being able to service their customers with 100% satisfaction by lowering costs and increasing revenues
    5. How can trucking companies get drivers, find time to hire and retain drivers, cut costs on fuel, payroll and equipment, and make sure their freight is delivered so their customers are 100% satisfied? Answer: Call Lightning Transportation Services, let them show you how (1-877-459-9232)